Friday, 28 November 2014

iAction Animations Version 3

After working for a few hours, finally finished a mod through 3ds Max and Kam's Scripts.By the way, thanks OCAME.

Available Downloads:

Mirror 1 - Sendspace.
Mirror 2 - Mediafire.

Have fun.

Friday, 21 March 2014

Sniper Prone Modification v0.1

Sniper Prone Modification v0.1

   Thread Content
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The following modification was actually created by Skullhead and me. This modification idea was Frost's but we made another one and made it to rifle.ifp so that it won't change the whole animation.
The modification is actually an animation which makes rifle handling in crouch different. This modification is also called as "Chest on the ground" mod.
• Installation is really simple.
    Follow the following steps.
       ○ Extract the files to your CLEO folder.
       ○ Use ALCI's IMG tool for the following file.
       ○ Import rifle.ifp then rebuild archive.
       ○ Click save and you are done.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Ravenheim 4 Fun Zone - Selfie Mod v0.1

 Grand Theft Auto Modification
Selfie Mod v0.1 by Ravenheim
Thread Content
> Installation
> Author
> Modification Description
1.) Simply extract files to CLEO folder.
2.) Done.
*NOTE: Press "End" to activate and to adjust view setting. and press "Home" to
take a shot.
The author of the mod is Ravenheim and you are not allowed to steal this mod.
This modification is copyrighted by Ravenheim 4 Fun Zone (C)
All rights reserved. (R)

Friday, 14 March 2014

PlayMods - Backpack Modification

 . The backpack is water and some apples that our protagonist can eat. When lunch is over, we can buy a new one at the designated store "24/7".

Author: Dakurlz
Keyboard controls:
Enter : Create your backpack / Buy food.
and Put a backpack on the ground.
Num 1 : Drink water.
Num 2 : Eat an apple.
Download v2:
Download v1:

PlayMods - Hue Hue RA V2

Autor: rakafauzan



Author: SHAKE, Fled, Malemute, mad-dog666